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4.0 semester hours equivalent (non-transferable)
Recommended Prerequisite(s): COORDINATE GEOMETRY

This course presents boundary law. Topics include many of the federal and state laws governing land surveying and relating to land boundaries within Colorado, and how to research judicial decisions and case law pertinent to boundary problems encountered in the field. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to research and discuss issues pertaining to boundary law.

  • Reasons for Making Land Surveys
  • History of Boundaries - What They Are - Why They Are
  • The Role of the Land Surveyor in the Determination of Boundaries
    • Various Bodies of Law - Jurisdiction - Evidence
    • Common Presumptions at Law
    • Rights and Interests in Land
    • Real and Personal Property
    • Easements and Licenses
    • Fee Simple Absolute and Other Types of Fee Ownership
  • Written and Unwritten Conveyances of Real Property - Legal Doctrines
    • How Boundaries Are Created
    • Voluntary Transfer of Real Estate
    • Agreement, Acquiescence, Estoppel and Practical Location
    • Adverse Possession and Prescription
  • Easements and Rights-of-ways
    • Express Easements and Easements Created by Unwritten Means
    • Termination of Easements and Reversionary Rights to Vacated Easements
  • Riparian and Littoral Boundaries - Doctrines and Apportionment Theories
  • Sequential Conveyances
    • Junior and Senior Rights
    • Order of Importance of Conflicting Title Elements
  • Simultaneous Conveyances
    • Excess or Deficiency - Proration Rules
  • Combination Simultaneous / Sequential Conveyances
    • Gaps and Overlaps
  • Case Law and Legal Research
    • ALTA / ACSM Survey Requirements
    • Law Library and State Board of Registration

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