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Recommended Prerequisite(s): COORDINATE GEOMETRY

This course covers how to retrace the work of the original surveyors of the U.S. rectangular system. Topics include restoring lost corners and subdividing sections and townships. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to break down sections and townships according to accepted practice.

  • Historical Development of Property Surveying
  • First Land Ordinance
  • General Plan of the Rectangular Survey System
    • Subdivision of Quadrangles into Townships
    • "NORMAL" Procedure and Order of Running Lines
  • Subdivision of Townships into Sections
    • Protraction and Lot Numbering
  • Subdivision of Sections
    • Regular, Closing, Elongated and Fractional Sections
    • Section 6
  • Identification of Corners on Subdivision Lines
    • Original and Modern Monuments
    • Fraudulent and Fictitious Surveys
    • Preparation and Filing of Monument Records
  • Existent, Obliterated and Lost Corners
    • How and When to Use Single / Double Proportions
  • Meander Line / Grant Boundary Adjustments
    • Non-riparian Meander Line Adjustment
    • Grant Boundary Adjustment

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4.0 semester hours
(non-transferable equivalent)