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Earth Measurement Mathematics
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Recommended Prerequisite(s): COORDINATE GEOMETRY

This course covers how to calculate control surveys utilizing map projections and state plane coordinates. Topics include geodetic-to-grid and grid-to-geodetic conversions for angles, distances and coordinates, with an emphasis on calculations in the Lambert Conformal Conic projection and comparisons to calculations in the Transverse Mercator and UTM projections. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to compute solutions to control surveys using state plane coordinates.

  • Terminology and Types of Projections
  • Projections from a Sphere
    • Latitude and Longitude
    • Tangent and Secant Cones
    • Tangent and Secant Cylinders
  • Ellipsoid Elements
  • Coordinate Computations
    • Plane Zenith Angles
    • Slope Reductions
    • Elevations
    • Scale and Elevation Reduction Factors
    • Grid Distances
  • Lambert Projection
    • Geodetic Coordinates to (from) Plane Coordinates
    • Mapping Angle, Second Term, Spherical Excess
    • Zone Transitions and Zone Parameters
    • Projection Algorithms
  • Transverse Mercator Projection
  • Universal Transverse Mercator Projection

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4.0 semester hours
(non-transferable equivalent)

(introductory offer)