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Recommended Prerequisite(s): SURVEY TRIGONOMETRY

This course applies concepts learned in Survey Trigonometry to typical surveying problems. Topics include networks, intersections, resections, traverse adjustments, horizontal circular curves, straight grades, and vertical curves. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to compute solutions to a variety of survey-related problems.

  • Triangulation and Trilateration Networks
  • Intersections
  • Resections (three-point)
    • Geometric and Trigonometric Solutions
  • Traverse Adjustment Methods
    • Angle and Azimuth Balancing
    • Bowditch and Crandall Adjustments
  • Horizontal Circular Curves
    • Nomenclature, Basic Structure
    • Formula Manipulation and Stationing
    • Layout by Deflection Angle and Subchord
    • Layout by Tangent Distance and Offset
    • Reverse and Compound Curves
    • Location by Three-Point Method
  • Straight Grade
    • Percent Grade and Second Difference
  • Vertical Curves (symmetric)
    • Nomenclature, Basic Structure
    • High / Low Points and Rate of Change
  • Vertical Curves (asymmetric)
  • Vertical Intersections

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4.0 semester hours
(non-transferable equivalent)

(introductory offer)